British Council och WFSJ (World Federation of Science Journalists) har utlyst en tävling för vetenskapsjournalister för att kunna delta i den internationella konferensen ”Arvet efter Darwin” på Biblioteca Alexandrina i Alexandria, Egypten, 14–16 november 2009.

Är du intresserad, gå till

Men raska på, för anmälan ska vara inne före 18 september.

I would like to alert you to a competition for journalists to attend an international conference in Alexandria, Egypt, from 14-16th November, 2009. The conference is "Darwin's Living Legacy", featuring top speakers from more than 30 countries on evolutionary science and its impact on culture and society. There will be lots of opportunities to interview scientists and other experts, and also join in discussions with other journalists about how evolution is covered in the media.

The competition is being hosted jointly by one of the WCSJ sponsors, the British Council, and the World Federation of Science Journalists.

If you are interested please go to this link for more information, and download an application form. But do hurry - the closing date is 18th September 2009!