We are happy to invite you to participate in the press study tour
> “Healthy Future”. The press study tour takes place 20 – 21 September with arrival the 19 and departure the 22. The press study tour is financed by Enterprise Estonia, www.investinestonia.com/enterprise-estonia and is organised by the Estonian Genome Foundation, http://www.genomics.ee

> Find attached the program for the press study tour. Changes to the
> program may occur.
> The press study tour presides the 9th ScanBalt Forum entitled “Healthy
> Future” taking place in Tallinn 22-24 September (see http://www.scanbaltforum.eu ).
> The intentions of the press study tour are to give an insight into the
> Biotech sector in Estonia. The Government of Estonia January 2010
> released a new ambitious strategy which means that the sector the
> coming years is expected to strengthen its importance for the Estonian
> economy and increase collaboration around the Baltic Sea Region.
> During the press study tour you will have the opportunity to meet and
> discuss with the key drivers and personalities behind this
> development.
> In addition, the EU flagship project “ScanBalt Health Region” will
> exclusively launch its strategy during the press study tour. This
> ambitious initiative as part of the EU Baltic Sea Region strategy aims
> to promote a better life for the citizens and a more effective health
> care sector together with strengthening regional development based on
> health economy. Read more about ScanBalt Health Region at http://www.scanbalt.org/projects/scanbalt+health+region
> The press study tour covers economy class flight and accommodation and
> all bookings will be taken care of by the organiser. Upon confirmation
> of your participation we will connect you with the person responsible
> for the bookings.

You register by replying to
Peter Frank
latest 30th of June.

The number of participants on the press study tour is limited to maximum
> 15, so in case we exceed that number we reserve the rights to select
> among the registrations – we hope for your understanding of this.
> We are looking forward to see you in Tartu & Tallinn!
> Kind regards
> Peter Frank
> General Secretary
> ScanBalt
> Arne Jacobsens Alle 15, 2
> 2300 Copenhagen (DK)
> Mob 0045 27141078
> http://www.scanbalt.org
> See calendar for ScanBalt BioRegion at http://www.scanbalt.org/calendar

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