Studieresa till Prag

tis, 2010-10-12 22:20

I Eusjas regi inbjuder den tjeckiska föreningen för vetenskapsjournalistik till ett studiebesök i Prag den 29 november – 1 december 2010.

Eusja-regler gäller. Man betalar själv sin resa, sedan bjuder värdarna på mat och uppehälle.

Ansökan mailas till den svenske Eusja-representanten före den 1 november.


On the Verge of the International Year of Chemistry

November 29th – December 1st 2010

The trip is organized by the Czech Science Journalists Club, the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR and the Centre for Administration and Operations ASCR.

EUSJA Study trip
Prague November 29 – December 1, 2010
Arrival: during the morning hours
Departure: in the afternoon

Accomodation: villa Lanna, Prague 6 – Bubeneč, V Sadech 1


November 29 (Monday afternoon)
12.30 leaving villa Lanna
13.00 – 14.30 Visit to the modern building of The National Technical Library (Prague 6), refreshment
15.00-16.30 visit to the main building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Prague 1), historical Library of ASCR.
Free evening

November 30 (Tuesday)
9.00 leaving villa Lanna
9.30 – 13.00 scientific programme (enclosed) in the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry ASCR (IOCB), Flemingovo náměstí 2, Prague 6
13.00 -14.00 lunch in IOCB
14.00-17.00 discussion and visit to the IOCB labs
17.00 leaving IOCB
18.00 dinner in villa Lanna (together with the scientists)

December 1
9.30 leaving villa Lanna
10.00 12.30
- Lecture on the history of the ASCR
– prezentation of EURAXESS Czech Republic (Centre of Administration and Operations of the ASCR, v. v. i.) discussion with invited guests
12.30 refreshment
Leaving to the airport

Rules are as usual: participants have to take care for their travel costs to Prague; the host organization will cover accommodation (2 nights 29th and 30th November), meals and transfers during study trip. If anybody wants to stay extra days, please, let me know – I may book a room at villa Lanna (more information at – single room costs around 50 €).

Please, mention a name, position in media, e-mail.

If there are more than one applicant from the association, please write, who is your first candidate, who is the second one etc. We ask you to send the application once again, if you do not receive the confirmation that your message has been received.

Your applications should be sent before November 1st!

Arrival to Prague is expected on November 29 during morning; departure from the hotel is arranged at half past twelve. Please, let us know in advance if you arrive to the hotel on your own or if it is necessary to arrange a shuttle bus.

Please, keep on mind that there is a walking distance between hotel and the Institute. If there is someone who needs to be lifted by car, let us know in advance. Study trip ends on December 1st around noon.

Best regards from Prague

Marina Huzvarova,
President of the Czech Science Journalists Club