Det är dåligt med intressenter till Eusja-studieresan om forskningsfinansiering i Saar 29-31 oktober 2008.

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Så här skriver Eusjas president Hajo Neubert:

32 billion euros are dedicated to ICT in the current 7th framework
program of the European Commission. This is by far the biggest item in
the 50.5 billion euros total research budget of the Commission, 30
percent more than the next biggest item, which is health.

Is nobody interested in how such an enormous amount of money will be

Nobody interested in how this might change Europe's economy, society,
and the way research is done? Such an incredible amount of money will
for sure change things.

Friends, something is going on in Europe's research area, which seems
to escape our attention. It is not all astronomy, and also not always
the Large Hadron Collider, which cost "only" 4 billion euros since
1995, but was accompanied by an overwhelming public relation campaign.

For ICT there are no such public relation campaigns. Do we ignore its
role because of this?

But on the other hand: We have, as science journalists, a better
chance to research, evaluate and discuss that is really behind ICT,
just because public relation campaigns are missing and my lead us into
wrong directions.

Take the chance: There are still places free for the EUSJA ITC study
trip, organised by our friend and EUSJA member Ruediger Maier, editor-
in-chief of the Austrian magazine "Monitor". And the hosts are quite
flexible, even to late-comers.


Because of the short time left, your members should now directly
register with our Honorary Secretary Viola Egikova at

With kind regards
/ Hanns-J. Neubert