This e-mail is a final reminder for submitting participants to the EUSJA excursion "Starring: Science", to be held in the Netherlands on 28 September to 2 October. I have not received delegates from your country. There are still openings, so please try to submit a participating journalist from your country to this excursion so we will have as many EUSJA countries represented. Below is the invitation again, and I hope to hear from you before 1 August!

Best regards,
Frank Nuijens

Dear Colleague,

As you know, the Dutch Association of Science Journalists (VWN) organises an international excursion on behalf of the members of the European Union of Science Journalists (EUSJA).

Journalists are invited on a 5-day tour (28 September - 2 October) that will take them from the giant radiotelescopes in Westerbork to the ESA Space Centre Estec in Noordwijk, with many more highlights of Dutch science and technology in between.

Top-ranking astronomers will brief them on the latest news on the expanding cosmos, and they will have close encounters of the third kind with brand new space technology.

From our launch pad in the university town of Leiden, the group will visit locations across the country, including the city of Amsterdam and the famous Deltawerken in Zeeland.

We would like to remind you of the criteria for this excursion: participants have to arrange and pay for their own travel to and from Amsterdam. EUSJA-members from Eastern Europe (Albania, Croatia, Czech republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia) can apply for a refund of half their travel costs - based on the cheapest fare available. Hotel rooms, meals and transportation during the excursion will be provided free of charge by the organizers. Journalists with a proven record in reporting on space science, astronomy or physics will be admitted with priority.

Registration closes on 1 August. The number of spaces available on the excursion is limited, so the organising committee will make a selection of the journalists who registered. In principle, we aim to welcome one journalist per EUSJA country. The final selection will be announced on 10 August at the latest, which should allow delegates plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

More information:

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Frank Nuijens
Member of the organising committee of "Starring: Science"